Monday, April 10, 2017

The Movie Ove.

It's not often
we find things that touch those places in
us that stir up and provoke question,
get us rolling over the hills of our own lives and 
touch our hearts in a way that hooks.
Ove digs into us,
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the movie itself an astounding success as it probes and asks 
us to ponder on our lives,
on what counts,
on those special moments and special people
that stay with us,
challenge us,
 give to us that joyfulness that fills and gives and hopes.
Ove reminds us of love,
 all the aspects and beauty in what we give to each other,
what we have had good fortune to share,
and what we still can give.
You may look at romantic love in this regard,
but love is in what we can do and give to those around us,
those in passing, those we can make difference to,
and those that remain important in our lives.
It's a simple and honest generosity of spirit
without thought of getting anything in return,
but we always do just the same.
In lightness and in truth of heart,
we always, always,
I wish you the joy of Ove,
but most importantly,
I wish you all the joy of 
If in a moment,
if in a day,
let it stay within your hearts
in all and every way.
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