Sunday, February 5, 2017

Olive vs. Jasper. What next?

The Next Two.
The Next Pick.
Both will be read, a no doubt guarantee, but how to immediately decide between Jasper Jones
 and Olive Kitteridge.
Take it from the first few lines.
Take it from one's own mood.
Olive is brutally honest and offers insights into our conflicts, our insights,
tragedy, joy and endurance. Life. But, she's a tough customer one has to be in the mood for.
"Traits don't change, states of mind do."
And then there's Jasper, a precocious boy startled one night by a knock on his window.
Where does it take him?
Where does it lead?
That which knocks does not necessarily mean follow,
but he does and learns truth from myth and why white lies creep like a curse.
Jasper Jones, as everything changed.
Olive KitteridgeJasper Jones

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