Saturday, February 11, 2017

Burning House. Manchester by the Sea.

One mistake.
That's all it took,
and everything was lost, gone, burned to the ground.
This is not light-hearted fun,
but it is absolutely and undeniably real.
Yeah, real.
Not the illusion of Hollywood's more typical crash bang spit sputter glitter.
Manchester is earthy, grounded, sad and sorrowful,
and it is beautiful.
There was too much feeling in this movie, too much bravery,
too much trying,
and it was impossible not to be affected by it.
There is one scene where the two impacted characters face each other.
They lost a lot, 
and it was through love that one wished to help the other.
Such a gesture of pure honesty, love in words,
in seeing and in trying.
Sometimes, it's the most modest gestures that reveal our strength.
Sometimes it's more than that. 
And sometimes, it's just more.
See this movie, 
and feel something real.

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