Monday, January 23, 2017

We Come to, Split, Shyamala's latest.

Not since Sybil have we seen splits such as these,
a multitude of characters in the host of one body, a fascinating starting point to a
 sordid tale on the effects of trauma.
Betty Buckley, still beautiful in her advanced age, plays Dr. Fletcher and brings
a real human touch to the condition of multiple disorders in this film,
and it's this combination of compassion and horror that ties together well.
She was brilliant, and even though
McAvoy did a superb job playing the multitudes,
it was Buckley that ground the story in believability, and let's face it, 
the root of any successful bit of scary is to create a story that teeters on the edge of possibility.
I'm not a huge fan of the scary genre,
but this was in the psychological thriller realm, and there's no one better than Shyamala to pull it off with just the right blend of twists and edge of your seat, 
"Hurry, hurry, turn the damn lock and get the hell out."
 The guy has experience, worked it well in Sixth Sense and some will say brought it home with Split.
There were moments in the end,
where he loosened the reigns with the appearance of the Beast, but he only let it brush against the supernatural briefly before he snapped it back to what was a well laid out story on the protection of the human spirit, the fight we all have in us to survive,
and the Beast that comes forward to ensure such survival.
Human regeneration of the crazy kind!
So, if you're in the mood for scary,
take a punt on
The best I've seen in its category in a very long time.

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