Monday, January 16, 2017

Manguel. Dante. The Curious. And why?

it did not kill the cat.
It only raised an enlightened brow.
The question remains,
Manuel's Curiosity, his own roadmap into that question through
inquisitives like Aquinas, Hume, Carroll, Carson, Socrates,
and beloved Dante, the philosopher of "why," and the virtues and vices of loves own hell.
Purgatorio. Paradiso.
The places and spaces in between.
Our heavens. Our hells.
What we make and choose to live.
Indeed, a Divine Comedy.
In Curiosity, there are thinkers, scientists, artists,
 anyone who asks this one question,
and delves for an answer, or some semblance of.
Why this? Why that?
Why one way and not the other?
Why be or not?
Why is this, and then why that?
The question soars to the skies in imagination,
and roots itself in the solid and more concrete.
For every question stems from reality, the foundation under our feet.
It's like fact vs. fiction, both stem from truth,
one remains in it, the other pulls out clouds of why's?
The thinkers will ask,
and they will forever seek,
this that takes our why's to
what and how
to know.
Dante Alighieri

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